• ADVANTAGES: 1. The sheer requirement of poultry worldwide is very vast and ever growing with more people opting for a balanced meat and poultry products becoming more affordable.
      2. Requirment for poultry products is ever increasing and the market is ever green.The choice available including the healthy options like organic and free-rang varieties are attracting more consumers.
      3. The most common form of poultry farming is intense farming which is a method practiced by almost seventy percent of the poultry farmers worldwide.While economizing the space needed the produce is in very large quantities pesticides.
      4. Intensive farming is very cost effective as it minimizes area while maximizing the end product.
      5. It is very profitable as it maximizes the yield.Therefore,making the produce affordable for every strata of socity.
      6. The largest advantage of this type of farming is the profitability.

      DISADVANTAGES: 1. The largest disadvantage poultry farming especially the high yielding and most activitively practiced method the intensive farming is under attack for the practices which involve keeping the animals in very cramped cages this which results in pollution and various diseases.
      2. Attack by various animal welfare organizations are being faced by the poultry industry for engaging in methods which the organizations find to be questionable and often times inhumane.Moreover the groups object to the staughtering or killing chickens for food and mainly the factory farm conditions under which the poultry is raised and methods of transport that are very restrictive.
      3. Yet another controversial topic is the hybrid varieties of poultry being produced.The poultry is being injected with growth enahancing hormones and various other chrmicals to augment the overall yield.
      4. Diseases are a major problem encountered by poultry farmers.Diseases have to be quickly detected because it spreads very rapidly.



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