• • Efficient use of waterIn soil-based agriculture, crops absorb water from the ground and a significant portion of the water consumed isn’t actually benefiting the plant directly—a lot of it goes to waste. With the looming water shortage, soil-less farming is the way to fficiently utilize only what’s needed, as it is a method of agriculture that monitors and controls the amount of water crops consume and use.
    • Minimum use of agrochemicalsSoil-less farming does not require the use of agrichemicals that is a major concern to consumers today. Unlike soil-based agriculture, where growers have to use fertilizers to increase crop yield and spray pesticides to keep weeds and pests away, soil-less farming doesn't need for potentially toxic pesticides and chemicals because the grown indoor crops reduce the risk of a plant’s exposure to pests.
    • Health & Nutritional ValueSoil-less farming provides consumers with a food option that is thought to contain higher nutritional value in terms of vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, the minimized use of chemicals and the shorter supply chain is considered a better choice for both personal and environmental health. In addition to, the yields from soil-less cultivation are significantly higher as a result of intensive practices and the possibilities of continuous, year-round production.

  • • Disadvantages • This system involves high investment. The investment is still higher if green house is constructed.
    • Process involves technical aspects and need trained labour E.g. preparation of nutrient solutions, maintenance of correct Ph etc.
    • As initial investment is high, this system is more suited for high value crops
    • It needs electricity or some other kind of energy sources.
    • It needs additional inputs to maintain optimum temperature inside the unit.
    • Crops cultivated using this approach are more prone to pathogen attacks as a result of high moisture levels.
    • Crops are also more susceptible to rapid death as a result of their lower buffering capacity.



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